Hi All, welcome to 'Fishing Germany'


I created this site as a place where anyone trying to figure out how to start fishing in Germany (as I did!) might find some useful information.  It is also a collection of random fishing related stuff that I have found of interest.


I currently live just outside Frankfurt, Germany having just returned from 3yrs in the USA, before that I lived in southern Germany, but grew up in England (The Midlands).  I have also spent various periods of time dedicated to certain types of fishing, from 'course' to Carp to spinning for Pike and Perch to Fly Fishing for Trout and Small Mouth Bass.  So the content of the site is influenced by all these facinations, but is really driven by my return to Germany where I am making a determined effort to go through pain of getting a license (with the help and supprt of my wife) and find good places to fish!


I hope you enjoy it!



Latest News

18th April 2010 - was informed about a fishery open to flyfishers on the north side of the Taunus - see my Trips section for details...