Adams Angelteich

18th April '10 - recon visit to Adams Angelteich. 


Flyfishing opportunities are scarce in the Taunus area due predominantly to the fact that rainfall is transported through multiple, small streams to the Main &/or Rhein rather than a few larger streams or rivers. Add to this that the few streams that may hold some fish are owned by different clubs who don't bother to offer day tickets (Guest Cards) for these waters = you can't fish them even if you find them - there are some exceptions and I will write these up once I have found them.


Adams Angelteich is a 'Put & Take' fishery consisting of 4 pools shared by all methods of angling.  Pools 3 & 4 hold the larger specimen fish and there is a fixed charge to fish each for the day.  Pools 1 & 2 have a nominal fee to fish them but then you must take what you catch and pay for it by weight.  These are stocked with trout (pool 1 holding a larger number of smaller fish) and offer a good opportunity to cast a fly any day you just feel the need to fish and stand a good chance of catching....  it's not wading through remote streams tracking down those elusive Browns, but it is fishing and it is tucked away in the Taunus - so nicely located!


I simply visited the place on Sunday but plan to fish it in the next week or so - I'll let you know how I get on.


A little disapointing - you can probably tell by how long it has taken me to update the site...  murky brown water = no sight fishing and a square hole in the ground = no surface features either.  Add to this the fact that pools are so heavily stocked you would need to try catching using only velcro hooks for it to be any where near sport!


You also have to kill what you catch and pay for it on the way out.


Total fishing time was 1 hour and I was obliged to buy €25 of fish!


So if you really need to go catch trout then I suppose it would do, ond of course it's a great place to get kids hooked, but if you are after a day's quality sport - forget it...